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Quick Overview


After more than 30 years of research, education and personal exploration, I have discovered what I believe to be two of the most powerful tools on the planet for well being, fulfillment and optimizing human potential.

As with any breakthrough, it takes time to come into the public awareness.

The outcomes they are producing are profound and being verified scientifically.

What makes them breakthroughs?

They both point out the unseen obvious: Personal reality is an inside-out creation of the unified mind-brain. When this is not seen we experience ourselves as victims. 

They both therefore simplify and accelerate the process of healing, awakening and optimizing who you are and your full potential.


One breakthrough works with the Mind.


One breakthrough works with the Brain.

Separately they are amazing.

Together they are indescribably effective!

You can take advantage of them yourself!

They can be used for both therapy/treatment and/or personal/professional development.


Treatment: They reduce and eliminate stress, mental-emotional disturbance, bad habits, addictions, and many other life problems.


Development: They accelerate and optimize mental-emotional wellness, relationship success, work performance, leadership and more.


Simple explanation:


  • We explain how your mind, consciousness and thought work to create personal state-of-mind
  • We help you uncover the personal mental-emotional health and wisdom you have (or suspected you have) but didn’t know how to use
  • Sessions are enjoyable, interesting and even profound — and delivered through informal “psycho-educational” conversations


  • A simple mind-body method is used to loosen the grip of the stress-based lower brain and allow that energy to go to the Higher Brain (designed for all high-end well being, understanding, thinking and skill)
  • This newly released energy feels “awakened” and organically “at home” and healthy – and can be applied in new, more effective ways to any area of life
  • It also awakens the centers of the brain designed for experiencing “true self”, “life purpose” and spirituality

Either of these services may be used separately, but we highly recommend they be used together for optimal outcomes.

How are these service delivered?

Individual Services – In-person and Online

therapy couch

  • Personal counseling/coaching
  • Personal mental health therapy
  • Personal Higher Brain Living 22-Step Program

Couple Services – In-person and Online


  • Individual and joint sessions
  • Couples Higher Brain Living 22-Step Program
  • Couple Concentrated Program

Concentrated Programs for urgent need or accelerated outcomes — in either or a combined program

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Leadership work teams
  • 3 & 6-Month Intensives

Professional Training & Development – In-person and Online


  • Leadership
  • Work Effectiveness
  • Teamwork



  • Three Principles life coach training and certification
  • Higher Brain Living facilitator training and certification

About me

Craig Polsfuss, MA, LP, MSW, LICSW (Emeritus)

July 2013 - Copy

Craig Polsfuss, MA, LP, MSW, LICSW (Emeritus)

Integral Psychologist, 3 Decades of Experience

I have advanced training and am a published national leader in both the Three Principles psycho-spiritual (non-religious) understanding and the Higher Brain Living neuroscience “New Human” program.

I am totally convinced that both will contribute to the healing and well being of millions, and to an eventual shift in global consciousness unlike anything seen previously in human history.

See short videos of me on the “Meet Craig Polsfuss” page.

Let’s discuss your interest.