Originals #1: Your Original Truth Detector

When one has an awakening like Sydney Banks* one sees into the original and essential nature of all things. As an avid student of Syd’s I have gained valuable insight and experience into this. I offer the following as an opportunity to obtain your own insight as well.

Extracting Value: Your Original Truth Detector 

From the non-dual singularity view of life that I have realized, there is but one original “truth detector” within each person’s individual consciousness. This is in fact the “intersection and union” of the individual consciousness with original universal consciousness — where the drop knows itself as the Ocean.

On a practical level, this means you can know the truth of anything in any moment.  

This knowing does not come from personal thought alone, but rather is received by personal mind from Universal Mind – and this “received” or “revealed” knowledge is “more than previously known” — and it is experiential.

Or more simply as Syd said, it is “a feeling.” The feeling of truth is unlike any other.

As you read, notice your truth detector feeling its way through – resonating with some input and not with other. I suggest being intentionally alert to this and “keep” what resonates and let go of that which does not – regardless of what your personal thinking may say. Your truth detector is you communicating to you – on your behalf.

Take Away: You have an original Truth Detector on which you can always rely. It communicates through a simple feeling of the “ring of truth”.



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