Awakening the Three Principles Community To the Integral/Oneness Understanding

I have been especially motivated to write more blogs, make more recordings and do more media interviews lately.

I believe it is time for the Three Principles community to evolve to an explicitly integral level.

This means being more explicit in our teachings, expressions and training about the Oneness of Life and at least its profound implications for healing, health and happiness. Of course, we cannot do this in integrity if we have not to some degree honestly realized it.


I have much more to share about “Oneness”, such as its “non-dual” nature, but will limit that for the purposes of this blog.

By necessity the integral “Oneness” perspective will have to evolve our understanding about “mixing” the Three Principles with other concepts.

  • We definitely need to see the absolute uniqueness and indisputable fundamental truth of the Principles. Other than going one step deeper to the Original and Only Principles of Mind, I see no more simple and articulate description of the fundamental nature of reality.There is no fourth principle.
  • On the other hand, Three Principles practitioners have already been “mixing” the Principles with many other useful services, like chemical dependency, psychopharmacology, yoga, fitness and body work – just to mention a few.
  • This is because the Principles are inseparable from all reality and are seen, or more precisely for this point, “informing” us in evermore frequent and expansive ways – throughout all dimensions of our lives and work.
  • What I am pointing to here does not “dilute” the teaching of the Principles but rather shines their amazing power and potential in new and unexpected ways!
  • There are no “two original energies”. Via thought there can appear to be two powers: inside and outside, self and other, spirit and matter, God and creation. Living in this duality creates suffering and for millennia great seers been been cautioning us about this.
  • I am reminded of Michael Neill’s comment at a 3PGC conference about “God talking to God about God”.


When we understand the ‘Three Awakenings” presented in earlier blogs, it becomes clear that our wonderful Three Principles community has been very good at teaching “Awakening 1” and implicitly perhaps expressing the other “Awakenings”. Each “Awakening” below transcends and includes the previous. And each includes its own unique perspective, power and expression. (Algebra transcend arithmetic but includes it.)

  • Awakening 1-Classical Enlightenment: The world (of experience) is an illusion (thought). God (the Principles) alone is real.
  • Awakening 2-Unitary Enlightenment: The world (of experience) is an illusion (thought). God (the Principles) alone is real. God (the Principles) are the world.
  • Awakening 3-Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment: The world (of experience) is an illusion (thought). God (the Principles) alone is real. God (the Principles) are the world. God (the Principles-in-Action) are going somewhere (Divine!).

third eye1

To some this may look like I have a “new answer” for people, but I am really more interested in helping us evolve our ability as a growing worldwide community to keep evolving and reaching more people. To me this motivation reflects my expression of “going somewhere”.

The integral (unitary “Oneness”) view radically opens new possibilities not previously seen.

For example, as I discussed in a recent interview with Damian Mark Smyth on his “Rethink Everything” podcast (click here), it is equally true that:

  • The mind and the brain are not the same. The brain is the formed material “hardware” and the mind is the formless source of the “software”. The brain will only produce what is put into it. The brain has no life in it without Mind “energizing” it, as Syd explained.
  • The mind and the brain are One – integral in nature. As Syd also explained, “the form and the formless are the same energy in different disguises”. Neither mind or brain are reduced to the other.

When we are able to hold both of these truths simultaneously — transcending one level of truth and including rather than rejecting its usefulness – perception and ability really change!

This understanding kept me open to the the Higher Brain Living neuroscience breakthrough when it first came across my radar. In no way do I believe that HBL adds to or replaces the Principles. It brilliantly uses the energy and intelligence of life, particularly the mind-body and brain’s physiology.

  • The “delivery system” of the Principles is optimally an inside-out flowing interpersonal verbal and feeling exchange.
  • The “delivery system” for the neuroscience program is an inside-out flowing physiological process based on integral understanding.
  • Mind manifests both ways, does it not? Insight and an in-rushing of the Breath of Life simultaneously.

HBL session

My wisdom (the Principles) immediately informed me through a feeling knowingness to pay attention when I was first expose to this neuroscience program. It then nudged me to get trained and use it to serve people, the helping professions and the global expansion of consciousness.


So this blogs does not become too lengthy, I will once again share this very revealing statement from Sydney Banks that is absolutely true. Because of the physiological nature of what he pointed to, we have a whole new “integral” arena in which to discover the power of the Principles to help people.

“When you hear the Truth it is what is called a realization.

And with this realization the breath of life goes into you.

It actually becomes alive! It becomes another reality!

And it takes itself and it sweeps negativity out of your life.”

If you have experienced this, you undoubtedly know it power and value. If you have not, you can.

The integral neuroscience methodology in which I am now trained, physiologically evokes/releases this “Breath of Life” to which Syd refers. This is a proven scientific fact verified by thousands of clients (being complied in University research) and by EEG brain scans. Not only is this not a breathing technique, it is the opposite of it.

Similarly to the process of awakening while learning the Principles, this inside-out process physiologically taps the mind-body “portals” ancient systems have long ago identified and modern science is now verifying. The “Breath of Life” — called Salutogenesis in our model — begins to emerge often in the first session.

What happens next is what is amazing. Just as Syd described, it “comes alive” and “sweeps negativity (in all forms) out of your life”!

No belief is required.

Enough said for now.

Take Away: Your desire to know and live “the Principles” in a deeper, more real way, and perhaps to help others in a more effective way, can be fulfilled. Stay open. Rethink everything – even your understanding of the Principles. Have your internal antennae up for glimpse of the “the Oneness appearing”.


Craig Polsfuss is a first generation student of the Three Principles, an integral psychologist and is published in peer-reviewed professional journals applying the Three Principles to leadership and high-performance. He is also a Mastery certified Higher Brain Living facilitator and trainer. 



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