This Vision Tickles Me

Who are we? Where are we? Why are we here?

In my clearest moments what I see it utterly simple. The following popped in and delighted me enough to want to share it. I hope you find value in it.

Who are we?


We are Life divinely appearing.

That’s it.

Of course this includes having a body, a personality, a history, an attitude, an ego, circumstances, etc….

But those are not who we are. We are Life divinely appearing.

Where are we?


Where are we appearing?

Here and Now, of course.

But what, where is “here and now”?

“Here and now” is form.

Here is location.

Here is Divine Intelligence manifesting in form.

A great definition for this could be “Heaven-on-Earth”.

It would be even greater if we knew this and experienced it, would it not?

A Three Principles understanding helps us understand why we do not experience this reality:

  • Innocent misuse of personal thought.
  • This is not a flaw in the perfection.
  • It is a necessary part of the process of becoming – of manifesting the Divine reality – of awakening and evolving – of Life Divine “going somewhere” that is evermore divinely expressed, evermore complex and sophisticated and creative, evermore novel and delightful…

Heaven-on-Earth in by book!

Why are we here?


It may seem that it takes a long time to realize and experience this.

Three Principles student know that the feeling of “a long time” is thought-created and likely unnecessary.

  • Three Principles students know that it is what it is – organically – and we begin to entertain the real possibility that it is all unfolding perfectly.
  • After all, how could Divinity – Infinite Mind – all-powerful and all-knowing make a mistake?

Perhaps we are here waking up to who are are, where we are and a manifest reality so delightful and divine that we could barely stand it.

  • So the Universe unfolds it in its perfect way and time.

Take Away: We are All – We are Divinity manifesting in an ever expanding and wondrous Here and Now with seemingly endless varieties of form and that could be called Heaven-on-Earth and experienced as such. Once know, an explosion of passion for sharing it erupts in the heart and transforms your life.


Craig Polsfuss is a first generation student of the Three Principles, an integral psychologist and is published in peer-reviewed professional journals applying the Three Principles to leadership and high-performance. He is also a Mastery certified Higher Brain Living facilitator and trainer. 



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