Addictions & Addictions Aftercare

Bringing breakthroughs in Mind & Brain to recovery from addictions of any kind



The field of Addictions Recovery has taken a giant leap forward.

Individual practitioners and residential treatment programs based on breakthrough understandings of Mind, Consciousness and Thought (popularly know as “the Three Principles”) now:

  • Clarify the psycho-spiritual nature of what is behind all addictions
  • Simplify the process of recovery and abstinence
  • Produce high levels of:
    • Successful recovery
    • Sustainable and happy abstinence

I have 30+ years of experience with tremendous success.


After years of alcohol addiction I went through treatment and learned the Three Principles. Now when I think of alcohol, which is not often, I have zero desire to use. The simple explanation is that I have learned to live in a healthy state-of-mind that feels so good and works so well for me that I don’t want to change it in any way! It is what I was looking for through my use.

This has truly been a Godsend for me and my loved ones.”

J. B. Attorney, Minister

HBL Brain


Adding Higher Brain Living to ones personal health and wellness program accelerates:

  • The permanent physiological release of the underlying stress that fuels addictions
  • The awakening of the part of the brain that is designed for ongoing health and wellness

Extremely high numbers of Higher Brain Living clients report a distinct decrease or even elimination of the desire to use alcohol (and other mood altering drugs) – whether this was a desired outcome or not.

  • Two university research studies are verifying this
  • EEG brain scans verify the brain changes that correlate with this

When renowned brain researcher Dr. Penny Montgomery measured the brain waves of Higher Brain Living clients she was “amazed” at how fast “a brain can change” [with this method] and implored us to bring Higher Brain Living especially to the addictions field – because the brain wave profile she saw was “exactly what people with addictions need”.

  • High alpha brain waves – associated with deep relaxation and calm
  • High beta brain waves – associated with wakefulness and alertness
  • High gamma brain waves (suspected*) – associated with feelings of gratefulness and confidence (*more advanced technology needed to officially verify)

Both occur simultaneously and in a wakeful and functional state in normal everyday life! 


Contact us for an initial consult for personal services. [See certification information below.]


Certifications for Addictions Professionals 

  • Three Principles Practitioner Certification

  • Higher Brain Living Certification

Certification gives addictions professionals:

  • A personal experience of each modality
  • The personal benefits of such experience
  • A conceptual foundation of each
  • A basis for practical applications in professional practice and personally
  • Leading-edge professional knowledge and skill to bring to clients and agencies
  • An opportunity to be a leader in your field


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