“Complete Couples” Services

Feeling disconnected, alienated, incomplete with your partner?


Alone, unhappy and not understood?


Become a “Complete Couple” through a relaxed, authentic and interesting “psycho-educational” conversation….

Couple at gym

Complete couples are authentically “comfortable in their own skin” with each other, take a natural and genuine interest in each other, listen, empathize, understand and find a way to cooperate.


Complete Couples each know how mind, consciousness and thought work, so they stay consistently in healthy, positive and caring states-of-mind.


Complete Couples take responsibility for their own state-of-mind, thoughts, feelings and actions — and are eager to adjust to heal, grow and improve the relationship.

couple listening

Complete Couples are willing to be open-minded, considering new perspectives, and take action to make changes.


How are Complete Couples created? Simple!

  1. First they learn how to function in healthy, naturally positive, heart-centered states-of-mind.
  2. Then they learn how to apply this to their relationship.
  3. This resolves old issues and evolves the relationship into its full potential.

If this is attractive to you and your partner, contact us.


Services | In-person & Online

  • Therapy & Counseling (sometimes covered by health insurance)

  • Relationship Coaching

  • 3 and 6-month “Complete Couple” Immersions

    • Combines weekly individual and/or joint sessions

    • Individual and couple goal-setting

    • Access to free and low-cost materials that strengthen your relationship

    • Enjoyable and insightful process

    • Discounts for payment in full



What others say…

“We came to Craig honestly doubting if our marriage could ever be repaired. I had cheated on my husband and did things sexually that I refused him. We have two young children and wanted to keep the family together. Craig showed us the way to resolve our issues with true compassion and forgiveness. We actually healed and got a fresh start! We are both so grateful. Our marriage and family were saved!”

J.K. Minneapolis suburb

“What Craig teaches is truly revolutionary. My partner and I had been together for over 20 years and consider ourselves ‘married’. But lately not only was the spark gone, but we weren’t sure if we wanted to be together. After our first session on a Friday he suggested a book. We got it and read it to each other as we drove to and from to our weekend get-away. When we saw him the following Monday we were delighted to tell him our relationship had totally turned around and we were very optimistic. We continued with Craig and got even stronger and happier.”

S.D. Wisconsin couple

“Craig taught is how to listen in a different way. And it was so simple! He said, ‘Listen with your hearts to understanding instead of listening to respond.’ That made all the difference!”

Online spouses

“Thanks and gratitude for the work you do and the difference you made in our lives. We had a jaw-dropping year of observing friends, family and co-workers living destructively (abuse, affairs, hard drugs, jail time). We both feel so grateful for each other and our peaceful lives. Thank you again and again for being in the right place at the right time. Continue to do your good work and feel blessed.”

P.M. & R.M. Young couple with two children

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