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The Emergence of “Epoch 6″ or “High Yoga”?

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The term “Epoch 6” or “High Yoga” has begun to emerge as well-respected leaders in the yoga community personally experience a revolutionary development called Higher Brain Living®.
Higher Brain Living® has combined modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom to produce groundbreaking personal transformation and higher consciousness.
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Classical enlightenment experiences are being reported
by more and more clients.
These are being verified by EEG brain scans, thousands of case studies and two university research projects.
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Modern Neuroscience:
“I never would have believed a brain could change that fast
if I had not measured it myself.
I am amazed. I am blown away!”
Dr, Penny Montgomery, Brain Researcher
Author of Whispers from the Brain & New Hope for the Brain
Ancient Wisdom:
“In over 1000 hours of yoga practice that I have taken over the past 8 years,
after one session at the Higher Brain Living retreat activating my “soul’s breath”
and going right into my yoga practice,
I had a more intense yoga experience than all of those 1000 hours combined.
Now that I have this knowledge guiding my every decision,
or at least the awareness to practice that,
I’m so excited to move forward in this new life chapter.”
Luke Jensen, Founder of VibeUp, Yoga leader & Community Builder
Widespread Social Change:
“The time for Higher Brain Living® has come.
We are a solution to a lost, purposeless, fragmented and confused world. The Higher Brain Living® system was created to wake up and liberate humanity – and usher in
a complete and radical cultural transformation…a new Renaissance!”
Dr. Michael Cotton, Founder of Higher Brain Living®
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Satisfied yoga instructors
I am interested in connecting with those who are passionate about yoga and higher consciousness – especially instructors and studio owners – who want to be certified and work with us toward global transformation.
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Craig Polsfuss, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator & Facilitator Trainer
Director of Professional Outreach & Education
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