How Understanding Thought Confronts Our Most Fundamental Cultural Problem – Not Taking Personal Responsibility

By Craig Polsfuss, MA, LP, MSW, LICSW (Emeritus), © 2018, Integral Psychologist

Note: Understanding my point in this short article may be instant for some and difficult for others. I recommend that those who find it difficult study the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought as articulated by Sydney Banks.

The Context: When we step back and look at the origins of human experience, we can see a logical linear process within a holographic* reality. (*Holographic means non-linear, holistically inside and outside of normally perceived rules of experience. Example: Without analytical effort an insight suddenly appears that answers several questions at the same time. Example: Just when you need to talk to someone, they call.)


Here is one way to illustrate the linear process:

Being => Thinking => Feeling => Perception => Behavior => Consequences => Learning-Evolving

  • Obviously, it all starts with Being. We must exist to have a human experience.
  • Human Beings are consciousness. As we develop, we discover the intelligence of our lives and our ability to use it to navigate life. Through experience we uncover our “invisible” abilities (talking, walking, creating, etc.) and begin to manifest them. This is referred to as “learning-evolving” in the diagram.
  • The mental ability to navigate and create can be called “Thought”.
    • More discussion is required at this point for the new student, because there are distinctions between “Thought” and “thinking” and between “visible thought” and “invisible thought”. Nevertheless, please be open to what I am about to explain as being accurate.
  • Thought both precedes and manifests as feeling. Upon reflection, we all can see that our thinking has a feeling to it – but most do not realize that all experience involves our thinking. This is where most people have a disconnect. If they could see this simple obvious fact, they could stop feeling and acting like victims.
  • There is no feeling that does not originate in thought. Therefore, we are living in the feeling of our thinking. We are not perceiving a reality “out there” and feeling it. We are feeling our perceptions about our thought of “out there”. We all remember when we misperceived and then perceived more accurately – shifting our experience from negative to positive, or visa versa.
  • All feelings and perceptions originate in thought AND ARE THOUGHT. If we feel like a victim – that someone or something else seems to be making us suffer – it is due to innocently not recognizing the role of our thinking (i.e. “invisible thought”). Most have heard the saying, “We will always have pain in life, but suffering is optional.”

This is not saying that people cannot be victimized. It is saying our experience of it, and especially of what we do next, is up to us. We have freedom of thought!

Can you see that solving the cultural problem of people not taking responsibility is not a matter of teaching people to take responsibility because it is good or right or it is what one’s religion or culture teaches.

  • It is a matter of recognizing the truth – that the very nature of human experience connects thought and the experience of personal reality.
  • It is recognizing that experience and mind are inextricably connected. We are seeing and experiencing a projection of thought – and our thought and understanding can always evolve.
  • Do you hear the Good News? This means that not only can our experience of life become better and better, but that our actual personal reality can as well – not as a fantasy we project with affirmations, but as a living reality.

I so hope the reader sees that to which I am pointing! You will not only have a better life, you will know we are responsible for ourselves, our use of the power of thought, our experience and what we do next with it – where we go with it.

It’s not a belief. It’s not an admission. It’s not an acceptance. It is a realization of how life really works.


Problem solved!