Leadership Transformation

The latest Korn Ferry Study identifies the top 4 leadership coaching challenges as:
• Self awareness
• Interpersonal relationships
• Listening skills
• Empathy

Beyond these, forward-thinking leaders seek advanced knowledge and ability to be at the leading edge of performance and success. We offer two advanced models for your enjoyment and empowerment:

  • A simple, powerful understanding of how the mind works has proven to enhance leadership insight, wisdom, well-being, creativity, calm and confidence.
  • A unique method for unlocking the highest potentials of the brain.

Optimizing your mind AND brain produces quantum shifts and changes the rules of the game.


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Craig Polsfuss is published in peer reviewed professional journals on leadership and high performance as well.


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What leaders say:

“I’ve experienced more clarity, less stress, improved awareness and higher energy levels. The dramas in life have become non-issues. I am elated and highly recommend Higher Brain Living!”

Robert Lawn, President & CEO


“My energy and enthusiasm for my business is higher than ever! We more than doubled production and revenues during my historically slowest time of the year.”

Bob Lyons, President


“I am more engaged and effective in my leadership and negotiating skills.  I am amazed at how I now view and handle challenging situations! In my personal life, I have had dramatic physical healing and more zest for life.”

John S., Executive Director, Child Neurology Foundation

“We would spend 50 to 100 hours developing corporate identity and marketing campaigns. It now takes 5 to 10 hours. The creative experience has been totally different, and it comes alive a lot faster. It’s really fun!”

Ron M., Owner & President, Marketing Company


“I have a new and consistent level of clarity and confidence. Higher Brain Living was a major contributor to my recent career advancement from an executive in a Fortune 15 company to a global consultant to executives!”

Rebecca F., Global Business & Executive Consulting Firm


“I have dramatically reduced my stress levels during in my busy middle level management job. I am able to more effectively manage others – looking for opportunities verses full of worry and negative thought patterns.

I am thinking clearly and having fun. I very much believe that the HBL process will enhance leadership performance for managers/supervisors.

They will concentrate more on the solutions verses living “in” the problems. They will also concentrate more on developing the unique talents of their staff verses looking for problems.

A calm, confident and happy person as enhanced by HBL will make an effective leader.”

Jon Hodapp, Manager of Project Management
Detector Electronics Corporation


“I love doing my [self-energizing]! My motivation and productivity, communication skills, mental well-being and discipline are profoundly enhanced.  I have been going to bed on time, waking up before my alarm, and no longer need the snooze button!”

Eric, Employee


“Craig creates a warm environment where he shares approachable and practical methods of overcoming anxiety and discovering your life’s purpose. Craig equipped with me tools to change my career from stagnant in to success.”

Bonnie, IT Marketing Professional

LinkedIn Learning says…

The top skills for leaders are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration
  4. Time-Management

Our services address, develop and infuse each of these:

  • Understanding the power of your mind in a way that unlocks an organic and sustainable state of clarity, wisdom, resilience, creativity and confidence creates the basis for quantum leaps in each of these critical areas.
  • An energized and awakened Higher Brain that empowers and sustains your best states, skills and leadership abilities.

Co-authored peer reviewed professional articles

“Three Principles Psychology: Applications in Leadership Development & Coaching”

Advances in Developing Human Resources Journal, Vol 10 Number 5 October 2008

“State-of-Mind as the Master Competency for High-Performance Leadership”

Organization Development Journal Vol 27 Number 3 Fall 2009

Available per request at no charge.