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Are you one of the more enlightened leaders who know that the most effective leaders start with their own personal development?

Your knowledge and growth as a leader is reflected in your people and their success.

There is no ceiling to personal, and therefore professional growth and effectiveness.


Our work addresses the very core and foundations of what it means to be a human being.

  • The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought reveal the full potential and power we innately have for human relationships, work performance, creativity and effectiveness in leadership, and more….
  • Higher Brain Living physiologically free and awakens the brain’s potential for the same – thereby accelerating personal awakening and effectiveness and amplifying the effectiveness of all the knowledge and tools a leader uses.


Craig Polsfuss is expanding his leadership development work based on the Three Principles to include the new Higher Brain Living breakthrough.

More than ever the world needs truly enlightened leaders with head, heart and spine.

If you are a leader who resonates with this, would like to be among the first in the world to take advantage of this, and would like to bring it to your whole team, contact Craig to schedule a live online (or in-person) meeting.

“I so appreciate all that you do to help me. You saved my career! It means more to me than I can accurately express.”

B.K., successful technology & marketing consultant after receiving unsolicited praise from her CEO

Craig is published in peer reviewed professional journals applying the Three Principles to leadership and high performance. Gratis copies available upon request.