Media Interviews

Craig has been interviewed  throughout his career in print, on radio, on television and on the internet. Below are some more recent examples. Some are oriented toward the Three Principles understanding, some toward the Higher Brain Living program and most both.


David Shakun, WisdomNet (1:00) August 2017

Craig Polsfuss is a pioneering psychologist in the Three Principles and the neuroscience-based consciousness development program Higher Brain Living. We discuss:

  • Three Principles and the body
  • Higher Brain Living: preparing the brain for insight
  • Insight is everywhere
  • Expressing and experiencing the Three Principles many forms, including outside of words 


rethink everything

Damian Mark Smyth’s iTunes podcast (1:15) / Episode 7 / March 2017: 2017…/…/rethink-everything/id1203901025


Primal Happiness podcast with Lian Brook-Tyler / Part 1 / Feb. 2017 (1 hr):


Primal Happiness podcast with Lian Brook-Tyler / Part 2 / Feb. 2017 (1 hour):


shaboom logo

The Three Principles & Neuroscience Interview [1 hr] (Craig Polsfuss):

July 2013 - Copy

Follow Up – The Three Principles & Neuroscience Interview [1 hr] (Craig & Zach Polsfuss):


my seven chakras

My Seven Chakras (Jan. 2016) Listen link:

get real radio

Get Real Radio: Awaken & Ignite Higher Brain Living® with Craig Polsfuss | VoiceAmerica™

spirit seeker 

Spirit Seeker Radio (last 30 of 90 minutes):

edge radio

Edge Radio (30 min):


Boomer’s Ultimate Guide podcast (37 min): 

changing the earth

Changing the Earth podcast (1 hr 15 min) / Dec. 2016: