Meet Craig Polsfuss

Meet Craig

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Craig Polsfuss, MA, LP, MSW, LICSW (Emeritus)

Pioneer and leader in the Three Principles understanding for over 30 years

  • Teaching and training professionals in a wide variety of disciplines
  • Improving mental well being, sobriety and competence
  • Assisting couples to save their relationships and improve love, satisfaction, communication and cooperation
  • Improving executive understanding of human functioning and thereby increasing leader effectiveness
  • Improving teamwork, work performance, attitude, mental wellness and job satisfaction
  • Published in peer reviewed professional journals on leadership and high performance

Pioneer and leader in the Higher Brain Living® neuroscience program

  • On leadership team with founder Dr. Michael Cotton
  • Director of Professional Outreach & Education
  • Mastery-level facilitator
  • Facilitator trainer
  • National speaker/presenter/company spokesperson



  1. Online consultation & coaching (initial session at no charge)
    • Ongoing sessions tailored to the needs of individuals and couples
    • 6-month “Awakening & Transforming” program (See Menu)
  2. Online certification training
    • Three Principles facilitators and coaches (See Menu)
    • Higher Brain Living certification information and enrollment. (See Menu. If available: Substantial unadvertised enrollment discount)
  3. Leadership, Team & Company Culture Development
    • Bringing “big picture” wisdom and ease into leadership, team and company culture
  4. “Expressions & Perspectives”
    • Short video expressions of insight and wisdom (free subscription coming soon)
  5. Topical presentations and keynote addresses for your organization


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Direct: 612-730-4843 (US)

Skype: craig.polsfuss

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