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“I’m amazed at how much my mood and everything I see has changed. The book and with your help I’ve awakened my inner sense, inner wisdom. I’m truly grateful. I feel like I’m walking a different plane of reality now. I now see and understand.”

S.S., Restaurant owner


“Craig has been extremely helpful for me. He is grounding and wise in his insight. Highly recommended!”

Women’s Advocate & Counselor


“I was pretty depressed, sad, feeling overwhelmed by so many things in my life that I felt I had no control over at all. I still was feeling so empty after losing my husband – and even some days almost anything would reduce me to tears, feeling lost and alone.

With [my daughter] declaring himself transgender, I was also afloat in a mass of trying to figure out how my relationship with my child would have to change – going from a daughter to a son. . . and you have helped me see that my relationship doesn’t have to change – [he] is still my child and I still love him just as much. I am forever grateful for how that helped me relieve my concerns and fears.

Through the next several months I struggled with keeping my balance with home life, work life, and figuring out how to find some happiness in my life. I was, at times, not able to see clearly the path in front of me and talking through all of it with you helped me seek and find the center, again and again, as I moved forward.

You helped me seek and find the center, again and again, as I moved forward.

Somehow, along the way, I started to pay more attention to the messages that moved me further and further away from the depressed version of me to the version of me that sits here writing this – marveling.

I reached a point where I decided that I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. Then (a male friend) turned up and things just seemed to fall more and more into place. That’s still going well.

You have helped me understand and grasp fully the need to let God have control of everything. I feel so much at peace about everything. It’s amazing.

I am so thankful for the sense of peace, the security I feel. I am thankful that I can continue this walk with your ear and counsel to help me reflect along the way – it truly has helped me shift my focus I am free to think about what God wants for me, instead of being sidetracked by all the “urgent” things that bog me down.”

M.N., College Professor & Department Chair


Woman in Red Swimsuit Smiling

“I have a whole new outlook, and I simply cannot wait to see what happens next.

I am deeply, humbly, immensely grateful for this work and I cannot wait to share it with others and contribute to raising the consciousness of the planet.

My joy is endless. My life has just begun. There are no words to express what I am experiencing right now. But I thank you and Higher Brain Living® for completely transforming my life.”

Alternative Health Practitioner & Higher Brain Living Facilitator



“Craig Polsfuss is very helpful and culturally competent. He is empathetic and yet helps you explore what is going on in your life that is holding you back. I highly recommend him to deal with trauma and other difficult life issues.”

J. S. Native American professor and college department head

Portrait of Man

“You have been nothing but awesome!”

Brandon (age 24), Minneapolis


“The sadness has definitely left. I no longer feel the dreadfulness that I was carrying in my chest. Sometimes I still get sad but it is easier to overcome and understand. For instance, my ex found someone new… I was sad for a bit but then I got happy for him. When you walk a different reality you see things so different and clearer. I am a different person now.”

J.T., IT professional


“Thank you! You helped me come out of a dark situation and I am so appreciative of your help and knowledge. Your knowledge and light have enlightened me and helped awaken my inner wisdom. For that I cannot thank you enough.”
Anonymous Male Client, Online


“I’ve gotten the tools and insights I need to be able to go on and continue improving. Learning how to be more aware of my thoughts and changing them is bringing the results I needed!”
Photopgrapher &  Fashion Designer