Online Three Principles Facilitator Training & Certification


Anyone in the world can train as a three principles facilitator, help others in an amazing and enjoyable way – and earn a certificate of completion.


This online virtual training involves a mix of resources tailored to your interests:

  • Personal one-on-one sessions and mentoring with first-generation Three Principles facilitator and psychologist, Craig Polsfuss
  • Live streamed trainings
  • Downloadable resources,
  • Live connection webinars to share your insights with others in real time
  • At the end of the training you will have the volunteer opportunity to facilitate to a virtual individual, couple or group session
  • 6-month minimum commitment

Happy Girl on computer

Training Objectives:

  • Embody the Three Principles understanding in your personal life
  • Articulately and clearly share the understanding in a way that others find impactful
  • Deepen and simplify your understanding
  • Engage authentically
  • Remove unproductive thinking patterns
  • Offer life advice that can help in any environment, such as therapy and counseling, teaching and education, coaching, business, etc.
  • Gain practical experience facilitating

group therapy

Training Format:

  • Weekly 1.5 hour training sessions
  • Weekly study of written and recorded materials
  • Monthly participation in group settings (minimum)
  • Personal project work
  • Creative adaptations to fit your interests and goals

Date: Tailored to your schedule and the program’s requirements

Price: $4995 US (6-months)

Craig Polsfuss, MA, LP, MSW, LICSW (Emeritus)

  • First-generation student learned directly from Sydney Banks
  • Three Principles-based since 1982
  • Published in peer-reviewed professional journals applying the Three Principles to leadership and high performance
  • Available for online an in-person general and professional presentations
  • Now known for articulating the neuroscience (brain) correlates to the Three Principles. especially related to Higher Brain Living®.
  • Initial consult at no charge