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Are you looking…

  • Heal and resolve troublesome emotional or relationship issues?

  • To get unstuck from unhealthy feelings and habits that keep holding you back?

  • For inner calm and confidence, joy and fulfillment?

  • For your next step in life but you are not sure how to get there?

Are you willing to…

  • Share your authentic thoughts and feelings?

  • Listen to new perspectives and possibilities?

  • Learn new ways to approach life and challenges?

  • Take action to change your life?

Then you have found the right place.

I am taking new clients at this time. I have a worldwide practice and would love to meet you! 

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Something inside each of us is pushing for freedom and expression — to be happy, free and at peace.

Without understanding and cooperating with it, a human life will forever remain unhealthy and unfulfilled.

The principle-based understanding I use is so fundamental that it has been applied in all areas of human life– from personal, to interpersonal, to business, to community, to societal to global!

Unsolicited Testimonials


“My fear about my career direction was totally eliminated in my first session!”

Communications Director in major university setting, Minneapolis, MN



“Craig Polsfuss has proved to be one of the most insightful, intelligent and caring therapists I’ve had. I’m hugely grateful for all his wisdom and support.”
Nationally known drama critic, Auckland, NZ


guitar player

“Amazing! Found a new outlet for exactly what I needed. He doesn’t focus in on past failures, but how you can create your own future!”

J.T., Musician and educator, Minneapolis, MN



“It is hard to believe I was in counseling 14 years and never once felt this confident about myself, or this happy and excited to see what good changes I can make!” B.F., Director of Radiology, Minnesota after 4 sessions



“I want to thank you for the advice you gave me!! The “gardener” was amazing! (See below) I finished during the night, AND I totally understand now! Wow, I’m going to keep moving forward, and try to help others. You gave the best advice I have ever received from a professional, your tools were instrumental, to guide me the right way.”

Brenda B., housewife, Nebraska after 5 sessions



“I had a fantastic experience. Between his approach and application of The Three Principles, which was very different than any previous counseling experiences I’d had, and my willingness to open up and learn, I enjoyed an accelerated growth and understanding of some of my issues that really aren’t issues for me anymore.”

Alex C., Business Owner, New York

See more client testimonials throughout this website.

What are the Three Principles?

They are the underlying power of and “road map” for human life!


The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought clarify the power behind thinking that naturally and spontaneously brings more clarity, wisdom, caring, power and effectiveness.

Understanding and operating from this “dimension before thought” automatically produces more healthy, wise and effective thinking – without techniques like positive thinking or affirmations. Because it comes naturally!


These principles were uncovered and most clearly articulated by the late Sydney Banks in The Enlightened Gardener and elsewhere.


They clarify where thinking is coming from and in so doing point to how human experience and effectiveness can spontaneously evolve.

  • This also corrects and balances the mental-emotional system.

Because the mind is the power behind all human experience and performance, it can be accessed and “engineered” for any virtuous objective.

  • It is there to empower your wisdom and purpose.

Build New Model

Imagine what understanding these principles could do.


There’s more? The Brain!

Now imagine being able to physiologically energize, awaken and change the part of your brain that is made for your optimal health and potential – mentally-emotionally-spiritually and in all dimensions of like and work!

HBL session

This is the revolutionary neuroscience personal transformation breakthrough called Higher Brain Living®!

Combining modern science and ancient wisdom, Higher Brain Living® is safe, proven and amplifies all productive practices like meditation, yoga, fitness, etc.


Higher Brain Living® breakthroughs:

  1. The most powerful surge of organic energy to the pre-frontal cortex (of which we are aware) – verified by EEG brain scans.

  2. Can be deliberately applied to any trouble spot or area of life.

  3. Produces sustainable positive change in all dimensions of life – being verified currently in university research.

  4. Amplifies effectiveness of all other productive practices – currently being verified in university research.

  5. Spiritual transformation – EEG’s equivalent to “classical enlightenment” in many clients.

Combining Modern Science & Ancient Wisdom


Modern Neuroscience:

“I never would have believed a brain could change that fast if I had not measured it myself.

I am amazed. I am blown away!”

 Dr, Penny Montgomery, Brain Researcher

Author of Whispers from the Brain & New Hope for the Brain


Ancient Wisdom:

“In over 1000 hours of yoga practice that I have taken over the past 8 years,

after one session at the Higher Brain Living retreat activating my “soul’s breath”

 and going right into my yoga practice,

I had a more intense yoga experience than all of those 1000 hours combined.

Now that I have this knowledge guiding my every decision, or at least the awareness to practice that,

I’m so excited to move forward in this new life chapter.

Luke Jensen, Founder of VibeUp, Yoga & Mindfulness Leader & Community Builder


Widespread Social Change:

“The time for Higher Brain Living® has come.

We are a solution to a lost, purposeless, fragmented and confused world.

The Higher Brain Living® system was created to wake up and liberate humanity – and usher in

a complete and radical cultural transformation…a new Renaissance!”

Dr. Michael Cotton, Founder of Higher Brain Living®


Be among the first to learn about, experience and become certified in Higher Brain Living®.

Upon request:

  • Free 3-video education series with video demonstrations
  • Free Ebook

 HBL Book

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